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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 17, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now," breaking news. fire rips through a nursing home near philadelphia. emergency crews race to evacuate residents. we have the latest from the scene. in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against him, roy moore faces a new challenge, this as the alabama republican party vows to stick by his side, and the white house breaks with republican leaders in the senate. and black friday deals you can get right now. >> we're still a week away from one of the biggest shopping days of the year, but deals are already on the table. where you'll find this year's deepest discounts. and cristiano ronaldo works hard on and offe
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at 32, he's getting competition from all sides. a much younger athlete turned model threatens to steal ronaldo's throne. you will meet the upstart in the skinny, on this friday, november 17th. >> you wanted to stay on that shot forever. >> yeah. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you can bring that photo up again. >> this is a subtle reminder that ratings month continues. just so you know. we'll get to the bottom of that a little later. but we do have this breaking news we've been watching in the last couple hours coming from the suburbs of philadelphia where a massive fire has engulfed a senior living community. >> the fires broke out hours ago, lighting up the night sky. too early to know the cause of the fire, but so far there are at least 20 injuries reported. victims suffering from smoke inhalation and minor leg injuries. and they have been rushed to the hospital. >> you see some of the pictures coming in.
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they are absolutely impressive and devastating. dozens of others left with nowhere to stay. the temperatures in the 30s. imagine all those elderly residents forced to leave that building and leave that structure in the middle of the night because of that fire. they were there wrapped in blankets. >> many were taken out in wheelchairs. >> we're also told that nearby hospitals are overwhelmed, not necessarily because of the number of injuries but because so many people are looking for a place to be. also this morning we're tracking that storm system threatening to ruin travel plans for millions of americans hitting the road for thanksgiving week. >> the radar shows most of that stormy weather is concentrated in the west, where it's dropped about two inches of rain in the san francisco area. >> the rain turned to snow in the sierra, creating blizzard conditions and piling up about three feet of snow. now that system is on the move. regina miller joins us with the forecast. good morning, gina.
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>> good morning, kendis and diane. as we move through your friday, while one location is improving, another not so much. we are going to be dealing with gusty storms for friday night into saturday. we could see strong wind gusts, travel disruptions from indianapolis down through lexington and even into nashville. improvement on the way. in pacific northwest where we have the storm behind it for your friday, just some lingering clouds, cool, a couple spotty rain or mountain snowshowers around. then it stays dry for saturday. that is the calm before the next front that brings rain in for sunday into sunday night, during the day around seattle and portland and then comes into northern california. kendis and diane? >> it's been relentless in the pacific northwest. now to politics and apparent trouble in the polls for roy moore. >> moore's standing firm in denying sexual misconduct allegations against him, but a new fox news poll shows he's
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jones. by eight points. a month ago they were tied. >> moore fiercely told reporters the accusations against him are an attempt to steal the election. tom llamas reports from alabama. >> reporter: for the first time since his campaign became engulfed in scandal, roy moore faced reporters at an open news conference. >> i'll quit standing when they lay me in that box and put knee the ground. >> reporter: he denied all the allegations against him. >> they're not only untrue, but they have no evidence to support them. >> reporter: then, he opened the floor to questions. >> we're going to talk about issues today if anyone has a question about issues. next question, sir? >> does judge moore categorically deny he dated high school girls? teenaged high school girls when he was in his 30s? >> you read his letter, and it addresses that clearly. >> reporter: can we hear him say it? >> reporter: my question ending the news conference. mo
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out. so we followed them. moore stayed silent, dodging questions by escaping into a kitchen. his allies, outraged, lashing out at reporters. >> you are the fake news from the swamp! >> reporter: moore has tried to push past the allegations, but new ones pop up nearly every day. the latest from the "washington post". gena richardson says she was a teenage girl when roy moore approached her at the local mall where shes with working. she says he introduced himself, asked where she went to school and asked for her phone number. no, she says, my dad is so strict. later, she was sitting in trigonometry class when she was call the to the principal's office. she tells "the post" she was startle t startleed and thought maybe it was her father calling. the map on the phone was roy
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i said i'm in trig class. he asked her out but she told him she couldn't talk. a few days later at the mall he lled a forceful kiss, i've and never been kissed like that she says and the minute that happened i got scared. so i said i've got to go because my curfew is now. richardson says that's the last time she spoke to roy moore. >> the alabama republican party sticking with him. and then from the white house, our cecelia vega in the briefing room. >> does the president believe roy moore's accuser and does he think that he should drop out of the race? >> the president believes that these allegations are very troubling and should be taken seriously, and that the state of alabama should make the decision on who their next senator should be. meanwhile, al franken is facing criticism after a radio host came forward. accusing him of sexual misconduct. leanne tweeden says he forcefully kissed her before he was elected to the senate. he also posed for this picture, showing him pretending to grope
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her while she's sleeping returning on the plane from afghanistan. franken is apologizing saying he's disgusted with himself, which tweeden says is all she wanted to hear. >> i think i just wanted him to apologize to me for that and say he was sorry, and i think that second statement that he came out with and the acknowledgement of saying that it was wrong and that heartfelt, you know, gatheri gathering his staff and saying it was wrong and everybody needs to take a good, hard look and i really think he came from a heartfelt place there. >> president trump criticized franken in a tweet calling him al frankenstein, but misspelling the name. where do his hands go? in pictures two, three, four, five, and six while she sleeps? >> i think he meant franken steen. republican
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the house, but the republicans' toughest battle may be ahead for tax cut and jobs act was approved mostly along party lines, although 13 republican members voted against it. the senate plan is already facing opposition within the party. ron johnson of wisconsin says he's not going to back the measure, saying the bill is unfair to small businesses. >> i'm just looking for a fair shake for all businesses. let's not upset that applecart and harm the economy. >> a congressional analysis of the senate bill found taxes will go up for households earning under $75,000. at least five other republican senators withheld their pour. a top official at the homeland security department has resigned after comments he made came to light. his comments targeted jews, muslims and blacks, accusing them of
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promiscuity. overseas, the political crisis in zimbabwe has entered another day in uncertainty. robert mugabe held the first round of negotiations over his exit. he met with the army commander who placed him under house arrest. an emergency summit has been called. by several african makes to formalize the terms of mugabe's departure. at age 93, he's the world's oldest head of state. and a ban limiting elephant parts may not be final. the trump administration had said that it planned to lift the obama era ban affecting sports hunters to travel to zimbabwe and zambia, but sarah sanders appeared to leave the door open saying there's been no official announcement so nothing is final. ohio state university is suspending all fraternities. indefinitely. the groups are being forced to stop recruitment and all social activities.
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it has been investigating 11 of the 37 chapters sense the start of the year. university officials say conduct by the fraternities has been a growing concern. ohio state is the latest school to crackdown on greek life. this morning, facebook, google and twitter are trying to add transparency to news. they are adding trust indicators icons. next to articles. when users click those icons, they'll see information about the publisher, part of an effort to help users distinguish between reliable journalism and the so-called fake news. a retired marine has kept a final promise he made to a friend on the battlefield in vietnam. >> master sergeant william cox stood guard over james hollingsworth and delivered his eulogy. now during a gunfight in new
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to contact each other every new kpreer's over if they survived. they were connected for 49 straight years. >> wow. >> once again, he put on his uniform and stood there guard. and here's a sweet wedding story to be shared online this morning. most couples don't want to be upstaged at their wedding, but most weddings don't have a 100 year old maid of honor. the job was given to daryl's mom rosalie. >> so she had never been a maid of honor or brides maid. she wasn't sure if she should do it. mrs. peterson gave the couple a special gift, the wedding rings she wore for 65 years. >> that is a great gift. wow. >> wow. >> but rosalie stole the show apparently. >> she did. i wonder, did she throw the bouquet? did she catch the bouquet? >> we need to know these things! >> so much for always a brides maid. >> maybe rosalie will be next. >> she's on the market. it's beginning to look a lot like black friday. >> retailers can't wait to sta
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so apparently, electronics are at the top of the wish list for many americans this holiday season. >> and with one week to go before black friday, they're shaping up to be this year's biggest bargain. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: retailers rolling out those black friday deals a week early. >> they dare not wait until black friday. they're trying to make us open our wallets now. >> reporter: costco with deep discounts on more than 20 tvs. if you're not a member, keep in mind there's no official trial, but if you are not satisfied they will refund the fee. and on amazon through black friday, you'll see discounts popping up on electronics plus its own devices. starting monday at kohls, earn
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and best buy, this tv now $300 off. how do you differentiate the deals from the dust? >> insist on a 30% discount from the original price. >> reporter: historically, it pays to wait until the real black friday for the biggest deals on electronics. i'm told this year tv sales will be huge. and many retailers will make the deals better in stores than on line. rebecca jarvis, abc news new york. >> we have to go all the way to the store? >> you mean it's throwback thursday? who likes to go to the stores. they're fantastic places. i love to go to the places. >> fantastic? >> fantastic places. the new development in the sexiest man alive saga. >> our continuing series all week long. today ryan reynolds wants to see the crown. as sexiest man. who ryan reynolds wants to see crowned.
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crowned. if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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♪ dpaci ♪ despacito
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>> in "the skinny" now, starting with a big party overnight at the latin grammys. >> and this is the one song that dominated the award show. >> no surprise. ♪ despacito >> luis fonsi was there for his coronation ceremony, despacito winning big. last night, picking up four awards, including best song and record of the year. >> it's the most-watched youtube video of all time and it was poignant as they opened with a moment of silence for hurricane victims in puerto rico. >> it was a fun show. next to another latin favorite and one of the greatest athletes the world has ever known.
3:50 am
just ask him, he'll tell you. >> international soccer star, cristiano ronaldo'syear old son cristiano jr. is showing that he has dad's genes and dad's jeans. >> he's still got a ways to go before he can fill out those adult-sized jeans that are part of his clothing line, but he does offer children's sizes as well. >> got to get ronaldo jr. some kids' sizes. >> the whole line now includes four pairs of jeans, tee shirts and fabric technology that allows the fabric to move to the shape of the body. >> was that an opportunity to show cristiano shirtless? >> no. who would do such a thing. >> shame, shame. the plot thickens for the sexiest man alive. >> blake knows people are scratching their heads over this
3:51 am
their heads, actually, wondering whether other candidates have died. former sexiest man alive, hugh jackman offered words of advice and asked for backup from ryan reynolds. >> but ryan tweeted off a warning shot saying you're both speed bumps in the road to sir patrick stuart. >> ah, yes, that indeed. so far, the 77-year-old master thespian has yet to respond. but we will accept his nomination on his behalf. although he was the yoe moen im year. >> while we're at it, let's check out reynolds in the new trailer for "deadpool 2." happy little trees.
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>> still probably the sexiest man alive. >> ever so gently. sexiest man alive, you mean bob ross or ryan reynold? >> yes. coming up, the friday rewind. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare surance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years.
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♪ ♪ this pre-thanksgiving week has been chockful of breaking news. we had the disaster in iran and another shooting rampage. >> but it also brought us another water gate. here's our weekly friday rewind. >> a deadly earthquake and the desperate search for survivors. the quake struck near the iran/iraq border. smash sparking terror and panic, more than 400 killed and 7,000 injured. the deadliest quake this year. people desperate for blankets and tents. though some aid's getting through, it's nowhere near enough. >> now that cas
3:56 am
for roy moore to drop out of the race. >> mr. moore attacked me when i was a child. >> the pressure from washington is real, and there are more allegations. >> they're not only untrue, but they have no evidence to support them. and i'll quit standing when they lay me in that box and put me in the ground. >> next tonight to the deadly rampage in northern california, a gunman shooting into a kindergarten class, the police now identifying the gunman. and they now say his wife was actually his first victim. they have found her body. it was hidden under the floor in their home. >> he had no license to carry a gun but had three weapons, with him including that long gun and two handguns. >> the three ucla basketball players at the heart of an international scandal after stealing from stores. giving president trump what he asked for. >> to president trump and the united states government, thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. >> as the president was
3:57 am
row recapping his journey at the white house, he got a little cotton mouthed. >> don't have any water. that's okay. that's okay. >> he looks like 5-year-old coming to the sidelines during a soccer practice. did you see my mom? i ran over there and i ran over there. and then i scored a goal. okay. i got to go back. >> but if you really want sexy, how about our very own blake shelton of news men, kendis gibson. you didn't know that one was coming. >> they actually put that photo up. once you see it, you can't unsee it, can you? >> so just let's have it live one more day, shall we? >> absolutely. it's going to be the new promo photo to top off the show. >> we will get no viewers. >> the blake shelton of news men. >> the marilyn monroe of news anchors or something like that.
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sorry. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. s. informing insomniacs
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good morning, i'm diane macedo. the republicans' massive tax reform bill heads to the senate after being passed in the house. a tough battle is expected in the next round as one republican has already come out against the senate version. a massive fire spreads through a senior living community in philadelphia overnight. at least 20 people are injured and dozens others are left with no place to stay. the university of south carolina's women's basketball team will not be attending today's white house event honoring college smorts champions. the team's coach says they


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